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Lion Home Safe Rm850

Jul 13, 2020
Lion Home Safe Rm850
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Model: 31OK
Dimension (external): 520H x 410W x 445D mm
Dimension (internal): 415H x 305W x 320D mm
Weight: 60kg
Fire Resistance: YES. 1 Hour fire rated protection (certified by SP NT Fire 017 - 60 paper, Europe an Standard).
Locking System: High security dimple key + 6-digit programmable electronic lock
Overriding Key: YES. High security dimple master key to access the safe if there is an accidental lockout.
Internal Fittings: 1nos plastic tray & 1nos adjustable shelf
Floor Mounting: Comes standard with base bolting facility
1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Training Table Rm699

Jul 6, 2020
Training Table Rm699
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Dimension : 1200W x 600D x 755H (mm)


Color : White & Boras Ash /White & White / White & Walnut / White & Maple

Top : 25mm thk Melamine Laminated Chipboard

Base : Aluminium Leg In White Epoxy Coated & Castors

Modesty Panel : Wooden Panel

Assembly : With Allen Keys And Screws


Foldable Table

Jul 6, 2020
Foldable Table
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A rectangular folding table designed with melamine laminated chipboard and steel. Lightweight and portable. Can be used as a banquet table.
It sets a tone of smart, clean and modern looks
Easy cleaning with clean cloth
This unit has been tested for office use and meets the requirements for safety
It`s recommended for Hotel, Meeting Room, College, Institutes or office use
Get a quote today! Nationwide Service. Professional Setup. Fast Delivery.
VF-2515N : 750W x 450D x 760H (mm).​RM80
VF-2520N : 750W x 600D x 760H (mm).RM90
VF-2525N : 750W x 750D x 760H (mm).RM90
VF-315N : 900W x 450D x 760H (mm).RM90
VF-320N : 900W x 600D x 760H (mm).​RM100
VF-325N : 900W x 750D x 760H (mm).RM100
VF-415N : 1200W x 450D x 760H (mm).​RM100
VF-420N : 1200W x 600D x 760H (mm).RM100
VF-425N : 1200W x 750D x 760H (mm).​RM120
VF-515N : 1500W x 450D x 760H (mm).RM100
VF-520N : 1500W x 600D x 760H (mm).​RM120
VF-525N : 1500W x 750D x 760H (mm).RM130
VF-615N : 1800W x 450D x 760H (mm).​RM110
VF-620N : 1800W x 600D x 760H (mm).RM120
VF-625N : 1800W x 750D x 760H (mm).​RM150
VF-630N : 1800W x 900D x 760H (mm).RM170
Top : Melamine Laminated Chipboard in 16mm Thickness.
Top Color : Light Grey Surface With Dark Grey 2mm ABS Edging.
Leg : 25mm x 25mm Mild Steel Square Tube With Folding Mechanisme And Adjustable Stud.
Leg Color : Black Epoxy Coated.

OFFICE CHAIR with Adjustable Height by Hydraulic Pump / Arm Rest Typist Chair / Study Chair Kerusi B

Jul 2, 2020
OFFICE CHAIR with Adjustable Height by Hydraulic Pump / Arm Rest Typist Chair / Study Chair Kerusi B
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Model :AH7091
DETAILS : Adjustable Height with Hydraulic Pump

Comfortable Arm Rest Breathable Fabric
Durable Seat Cushions
Size: 780 mm (H) x 550 mm (W) x 550 (D) mm

Full Height Cupboard Come With Glass Sliding Door Rm460

Jul 1, 2020
Full Height Cupboard Come With Glass Sliding Door Rm460
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Full Height Cupboard Come With Glass Sliding Door
Model :L35
Brand :Lion

Reception Counter

Jun 22, 2020
Reception Counter
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The simple and efficent visual modeling suit the need of paying modern office, which makes the office planning achieving simplfied and beautified effect, greatly enhance the enterprice imgae.

XE-A137 Cash Register

Jun 19, 2020
XE-A137 Cash Register
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  • Quiet 1-station drop-in thermal printer
  • Bright operator display
  • Paper saving electronic journal function
  • 8 Departments with 12 character text
  • Up to 200 PLUs with 12 character text
  • Detailed daily and periodical transaction report
  • ''HELP'' key function for fast printing of set-up and operating instructions
  • SD card slot for program backup and easy data transfer

Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance

Jun 18, 2020
Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance
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FINGERPRINT BIOMETRIC TIME ATTENDANCE SYSTEM - the perfect add-on to your current human resource management.

Face Recognition With Infrared Temperature

Jun 1, 2020
Face Recognition With Infrared Temperature
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During virus Covid-19 we all try to minimize touching surrounding and doing temperature measurement record. Today NIGEN introduce a new product, it is  Face Recognition with Infrared Temperature Measurement Time Attendance and Door Access System for you. Model NF-68S.


Antibac Gel

May 25, 2020
Antibac Gel
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ANTIBAC-GEL is a broad-spectrum hand sanitizer.It is highly effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria,as well as fungi,yeasts and viruses.

ANTIBAC GEL is suitable for use in industri,institutional food and beverage as well as domestic applications.It is specailly formulated to give the skin a smooth feeling and supple.


May 25, 2020
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COS ASAR is a broad-spectrum hand and air sanitiser.It is effective against virus,bacteria,fungi and yeasts.It is suitable for use in industrial,institutional,food and beverage  as well as domestic applications.It is specially formulated to be non-irritating to skin.Cos Asar can be spray directly on to hands or spray into the air.

Cos Asar can inhibit:
-Viruses,including herpesviridae,vaccinia,Hong Kong Influenza,rotavirus,etc.
-Bacteria,uncludingbascillus subtilis,enterobacter cloacae,e.coli,salmonella choleraesius,staphylococcus aures,streptococcus faecalis,legionella pneumophilla
-Fungsi,including aspergillus niger,trycophyton mentagrophytes
-Yearsts,including endomycopsis albicans,rhodotorula rubra.

Cos Asar Hand & Air Sanitiser 
-70% of Ethyl Alcohol
-Kill 99.9% Gems & Virus
-Fragrance Free
-Rinse Free
-Quick drying
-Halal Certificate applied
Packaging choice
1.120ml  Rm12.90
2.1L.       Rm42.90
3.5litre.  Rm189
4.25litre Rm799


May 25, 2020
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SS SANITIZER is a quaternary compound disinfectant,sanitizer and deodorizer.It is effective in against a broad spectrum of bacteria.yeast,fungi,algae,gram negative and gram positive organisms eg,Staphylococcus aureus, E, Coil,Salmonella,Pseudomonas aereginosa,

SS SANITIZER is non corrosive to most plastics,natural rubber,stainless steel make it suitable for use as a sanitizer,deodorizer for food processing areas and as a general sanitizer for none food processing area.

-suitable for all surface

Hand Sanitizer And Disinfectant

May 14, 2020
Hand Sanitizer And Disinfectant
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Sanitizer and Disinfectant 2 in 1.
Alcohol Free
Approval And Certifite By KKM
Germany Formulation

Money Tester

May 11, 2020
Money Tester
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Compact & Portable Powerful UV light detector (15W) Fluorescent light for watermark erification

Cube safe Rm588

May 11, 2020
Cube safe Rm588
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Model: D23

Dimension (external): 230H x 430W x 350D mm

Dimension (internal): 220H x 420W x 285D mm

Weight: 21kg

Door Thickness: 4mm

Body Thickness: 4mm

Locking System: Programmable Digital Lock (Imported from Korea)

Fire Resistance: NO

Inside the Box:

1 x user manual , 4 x Batteries , 1 x Emergency Key , 1 x External Battery Box , 2 x Wall Plug



1 Year Warranty on Locking System (Manufacturing Defects only)

Warranty by Local Distributor.

Safe Opening

May 2, 2020
Safe Opening
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Safe Opening
Whether dialer or digital, we open any type of safe using non-destructive methods even on a short notice. 
Kindly call us 0163498996


Apr 27, 2020
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Started to feel bored on the 40th day of MCO

与其瘫在家,不然找一点有意义的事情做今天我们一起来检查我们的屋子,以加强全家人的安全吧 今天就先检查屋子的四周吧只有5个简单步骤,跟着我们一起做哦
Why not we do something meaningful rather than just sitting at home Let us check the exterior of our home today in order to strengthen the safety of our whole familyOnly 5 simple steps, lets follow us

Step 1: 检查屋子四周,看看有什么损坏的窗户及门锁。
Walk around the exterior of your home and scout out its weaknesses (windows & door locks).

Step 2: 一直记得关上和锁上您的篱笆门
Always Remember to close and lock your gate

Step 3: 收起您的楼梯和工具箱
Keep the ladder and toolbox 

Step 4: 把您的车子锁好
Lock your car

Step 5: 打开屋子外的灯
Switch on the exterior lights

是不是很简单啊 分享给您的亲朋好友,大家一起安全度过这个难关
Just a piece of cake right Share this to your family & friends and stay safe together during this tough time

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