What Do You Know
About Our Company?

Safe Box Asia Sdn Bhd
is a company that supplies high quality safe box.

Our head office is located at Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. We specialize in safe box repair & force open, safe box key duplication and relocation. Safe Box Asia has a group of dedicated team with a vast wealth of knowledge to service customer. Shall you have any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.


Safe Size

Obvious but important. Considerer what you want to keep in the safe. For long-term usage, make sure your safe choice can easily store everything you want and is in the right size that fits where you’re placing in.

Locking Type

No matter what type of lock you choose, digital, fingerprint or wheel lock, it will provide the same security as long as you get it from a trusted expert. Just to consider whether you want to remember password or combination or rely on fingerprints to open a safe.


When buying a safe, most of the people will think of preventing theft when buying a safe, but it is equally important for fire protection too. This provide a double protection to protect irreplaceable valuables like mementos, documents and photos.


Buying a safe is just half the work. Make sure your safes are correctly installed (or else it’s not insured either). Look for safes that comes along with delivery and installation service. We offer full installation service to all our products, please do not hesitated to ask us if you need it.

Too heavy, too light

Chose the safe that is not too heavy but not too light. Make sure that it is not easy for burglars to stole it. If you’re getting a small home or office safe, make sure to bolt it down.


Regalia Safebox 16 products
Chubb Safebox 27 products
Falcon Safebox 25 products
Lion Safebox 15 products
Yale Safes 14 products
First Alert Safe 3 products
Projector 30 products
Office Chair 16 products
Office Equipment 90 products
Office Furniture 149 products
Office Machine 79 products
Office Sofa 5 products
Steel Furniture 43 products
Bedsheet Set 18 products
BIN 36 products
Hostel Furniture 9 products
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